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Solder absorbing tapes
Absorbing tape are used to clean solder and solder paths from the residue after removing the electronic system. It is a safe method and very beneficial for economic reasons. For its application need only a soldering iron and absorbing tape. Pulling solder point on the tape leaves a thin layer of solder flux, which prevents the loss of ability to bind solder.
  • ideal for working with SMD and PTH
  • covered with a thin layer of flux
  • weave made of copper wire
Cat. No. Width (mm) Length (m)
RE-CP1515 1,5 1,5
RE-CP1530 1,5 3
RE-CP2015 2 1,5
RE-CP2030 2 3
RE-CP2515 2,5 1,5
RE-CP2530 2,5 3