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Ultrasonic cleaners solves one of main and basic service problems - removes various contamination
Ultrasonic generator makes waves of high frequencies it calls out cavitation phenomenon - particles of liquid gains very high energy and accelerated breaks off and lifts off dirt and contamination from the surface. Whole process lasts only few seconds, characterizes of tremendous efficiency while eliminating possibility of occurring mechanical defects, often happening during traditional cleaning.

  • Electronic - any contamination, dirt from PCBs and components cleaning
  • Medicine - dental and surgical tools cleaning
  • Dentistry and prosthetics - dental plates and clamps cleaning
  • Jewellery - jewellery cleaning
  • Watch-making - and clocks mechanisms, tools cleaning
  • Optic - precise glasses cleaning without taking out lenses from holder, objectives and lenses
  • Armurerie - - weapons cleaning
  • Mechanic - carburettors, bearings, injectors, etc
  • Numismatics - exhibits from polishing paste cleaning
  • Laboratories - cuvettes and equipment (e.g.: glass sampling pipette) cleaning
  • Printing industry - raster shafts cleaning, removal of no exposed fotopolymers
  • Wherever it becomes necessary to carefully non-mechanical clean

We also make ultrasonic cleaners of bigger dimensions, according to individual customer requirements.