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Preheater PH-A3
  • 3 independent heating zones, ensures uniform temperature distribution on the PCB
  • Convection heating through the high thermal capacity heating plate + blow by large number of holes in the heating plate (44 holes for each zone)
  • Temperature adjustment independent on each zone up to 350oC and +/-5oC stabilization
  • Large working area: 300 x 420 mm
  • Works with  the RA-250 station and software
  • 14 mm thick heating plate made of special aluminum alloy integrated with heating element
  • High performance and efficient transfer of heat through the air, makes heating zone similar to that which prevails in the soldering ovens
  • Protection against heat tensions (no effect of deformed plates)
  • Temperature measurements with three external thermocouples
  • Software-controlled temperature increase
  • Airflow adjustement in range of 0- 100%
  • Large, clear display indicating all the parameters:
    • set temperatures on each of the three zones
    • the actual temperature at each of three zones
    • given flow of hot air on each of the three zones
    • the actual temperature at each of the three thermocouples
PH-A3 preheater is mainly used to preheating the printed circuit boards with components in the repair processes.
  • Possibility of effective and safe assembly/disassembly of BGA components on problematic PCBs: X-BOXes, PLAY STATIONs III, NOTEBOOKs, SERVERs etc.
  • PCB preheating before assembly/disassembly process 
  • Solder removal 
  • Regeneration of BGA components 
  • Working with SMD/BGA components
  • High durability and lifetime warranty on housing
  • Unit designed on the highest world level
  • High quality components used to manufacture the system
  • Separated heating chambers from control chamber
  • Individual cooling of control chamber
  • Effective insulation, separating the heating plate from housing of the system
Technical data
  • Input power: 230 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Work field: 300 x 420 mm 
  • Efficiency of hot air blow turbine: 40 m3/h
  • Temperature stabilisation: +/-5 oC
  • Max. power consumption: 4 kW
  • Temperature range: 100 oC - 350 oC
  • Dimensions: 480 x 140 x 430 mm
  • Weight: 16 kg