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Solder pot WP-50B
  • Suitable for lead free solder  
  • Electronic power regulation 
  • Internal pot diameter: 50 mm  
  • Capacity: to 500 g  
  • Power requirements: 200 W max.  
  • Maximum temperature: 430oC  
  • Stainless steel pot 
WP-50B pot is applicable whenever user depends on:
  • easy and fast tinning of cables and wires end leads  
  • removal of conformal coating and coil wire ends tinning  
  • mounting of through-hole components
  • Comfortable temperature setting - electronic adjustment  
  • Durable construction, reliable built - stainless steel pot, steel sheet housing  
  • Exceptionally low price for device of such class is a decisive factor!
Technical data
  • Internal pot diameter: 50 mm   
  • Pot depth: 30mm  
  • Capacity: to 500 g  
  • Power requirements: 200 W max.
  • Maximum temperature: 430oC