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Human being is the most important element of every working environment. An employee cannot successfully perform his duties, unless the work surroundings are adjusted to specific psychophysical characteristics. Therefore, the issue of ergonomics needs to be considered a priority and incorporate a whole range of human psychophysical activities.

Ergonomics = efficient and safe work

Main ideas of ergonomics refer to employee’s health (the elimination of occupational diseases), job satisfaction development and a maximal increase in productivity. Modularity of Reeco furniture, a wide range of components and a variety of accessories enable an easy implementation of ergonomics in the workplace.
Our goal is to create an optimal workplace area, which allows to perform duties in accordance with natural human movements. Hence everything is at your fingertips.

Our work stations are designed in such a way as to provide an optimal height of table tops and shelves, which are equipped with a set of essential accessories. A well though-out design imposes a correct adjustment and positioning of tools and equipment. A workplace station, where all tools are within the user’s immediate reach, is a great benefit for the company, which saves valuable time and ensures safety and order.