RENEX Group has introduced specialized soldering wires for robotic systems and universal applications to its REECO brand.

A new product – REECO Lead-Free Soldering Wire – RE-RR45-08 – of 0.8mm diameter, which is an alloy of tin, silver and copper, has been produced for use in soldering robots and laser soldering. The developed binder is characterized by extremely low spatter and fast wetting on conventional surfaces and is compliant with ISO 9453:2014.

“In recent years, the emphasis among EMS companies on automating processes other than the SMT line itself can be seen, including THT soldering.

In pursuit of our mission to provide a comprehensive solutions to the industry, we have been responding to this trend for many years by developing, expanding and supplying, among other things, the REECO Robot Series allowing for easy robotization in this area that does not require advanced knowledge. It was a natural complement for us to also supply the highest quality specialized consumables allowing us to maintain high process repeatability. With this in mind, we expanded our product line to include REECO Lead-Free Solder Wire, developed for robotic soldering applications. In addition, to complement this product line, we are also introducing universal solder wires. We are confident that these types of high-quality solutions will contribute to increasing the repeatability and efficiency of processes at our customers and partners.” – commented Ms. Marzena Szczotkowska-Topić and Mr. Predrag Topić, co-owners of RENEX Group.

REECO RE-RR45-08 Leadless Soldering Wire can be used with REECO Soldering Robots designed to automate THT soldering in the course of industrial electronic package manufacturing. As part of a new series of products, universal solder wires and a silver-free product RE-RC33-08 have also entered the RENEX Group’s portfolio. The binders are available in 500g spools and have been developed for making solder joints, for example, in the course of manual repairs, service activities or rework. RENEX Group also supplies custom solder wires and other consumables on individual orders. For more information, please contact RENEX Group’s Technical and Sales Advisors –