RENEX Group has announced the addition of a new addition to its line of REECO Antistatic Furniture – Conference Trolley.

The design is the latest example of how the available modules of REECO Antistatic Furniture can be creatively put together, including a new element in the range: a TV holder.

The new design was developed for use as a year-round piece of furniture in a company’s facilities – particularly in conference rooms – and can be used as part of trade show booths as needed. It provides an ideal, aesthetically pleasing, space-saving base for a TV, catalogs, coffee maker, laptop, business cards, gadgets, etc.

Thanks to the fact that the structure has been created from standard REECO elements, it is fully compatible with other modules and furniture in the series, and the user is free to swap elements with those used now and in the future in their company. Like other key modules in the REECO series, the new design is available in 750mm and 900mm wide versions.

“The new design is an example of how the available REECO modules can be used in creative ways. The idea for this setup was born in our company in the course of industry trade shows we attended recently. The key factor at such events is space efficiency and high mobility. The solution we developed allows us to accommodate in less than a square meter a TV set displaying promotional videos, a laptop, a coffee machine, a large stock of catalogs, brochures and gadgets and many other items. At the same time, the entire setup can be easily rearranged, transported even in a passenger car, and modified as needed. (…)

Outside the trade show season, the trolley works perfectly as an equipment for conference rooms and lobbies, and thanks to the fact that all modules have been covered with anti-static coatings – the whole trolley or its elements, just like other REECO furniture, can also be used in EPAs .” Commented Ms. Marzena Szczotkowska-Topić and Mr. Predrag Topić – owners of RENEX Group.

As also emphasized by representatives of RENEX Group – Conference Trolley – is only an example of a possible setup of REECO modules. Using the configurator available online, the user can freely modify this design by replacing, adding or removing elements to best suit their needs. What is also important – thanks to production in Poland, high stock levels and consistency of elements over the years, there is no need to order elements for stock – the trolley can be expanded at any time in the future with the elements constantly available in the offer.

REECO Antistatic Furniture – is a line of specialized industrial furniture. It was developed with the electronics manufacturing and repair industry in mind, although today, due to its quality, it is gaining popularity among customers from other industries. The furniture has a steel structure coated with layers of anti-static properties. This allows them to be used in EPAs, where electronics are manufactured and repaired reducing the risk of damage from electrostatic discharge.

REECO industrial furniture has a modular structure so that it can be freely adapted to the requirements of a given work environment. One of the flagship items in this product series is the Premium Electric Antistatic Table with electrically adjustable table top height. This allows the creation of ergonomic spaces that reduce the risk of occupational illnesses and feature high process efficiency. Modularity combined with the quality and accessibility of the offer, which has been maintained consistently over the years, allows users to further expand and modify their work spaces with their changing needs.

In addition, RENEX Group has developed and supplies a series of robots, specialized equipment and versatile, anti-static industrial furniture under the REECO brand. REECO robots are turnkey solutions. Each is a fully automated, self-contained unit that can be implemented in an operating or newly established production line. They do not require advanced design, planning and integration processes, and their operation requires no expertise or experience.

REECO’s Polish product line has been expanding into foreign markets in recent years. In recent years, RENEX Group has seen rapid growth in exports of REECO product groups. Only recently distribution has been expanded to Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, the United States, Ecuador and Saudi Arabia, among others.